Q&A: Liz Ratto, Head of People; Krysta Kucinski, Technical Recruiter; Grace Pennington Recruiter at Cedar

Being remote sometimes means different things to different companies. What does being remote mean for Cedar?

Being remote at Cedar means that you should expect the same level of inclusion, access, and opportunity as any other member of the team. When we moved into a new New York office space last year, we designed and implemented tech solutions and meeting habits with our non-office-based colleagues in mind. Those investments are a big part of what has allowed Cedar to so successfully transition to a fully distributed model while the world confronts the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a sustained focus on inclusion, collaboration, flexibility, and autonomy no matter where our team is working from allows us to deliver a consistent experience to and empower our entire team to do their best work.

What does a stand out candidate during the application process look like? What most impresses you about a prospective hire?

During the application process, one of the ways candidates can stand out from other applicants is by providing all the information and materials our recruiting team needs upfront. This includes sharing a clear and well-written resume (make sure to triple check your resume for errors, and if possible, include quantifiable achievements that show the value you could add as an employee). Candidates who submit thoughtful and personalized cover letters definitely stand out; we appreciate the extra time candidates take to share their excitement for the opportunity and who carefully review job postings to share how the role ties into their experiences. Also, please take the time to fill in all the application fields such as adding links to requested profiles like LinkedIn and portfolios. Another tip is to utilize your network -- if you know of somebody who works for us, use that connection! Our team is always happy to connect with people we know to discuss Cedar and point you in the right direction if there is mutual alignment. 

What are some common traits amongst the most successful candidates after you've hired them?

To find candidates who will thrive and be successful in our environment, we keep our company values at the forefront of our hiring process! We actively evaluate every candidate that interviews with Cedar for alignment with our values. Our core values include: 

  • Focus on our vision: Every individual, team, and the entire company should be passionate about striving towards our vision.

  • Be positive: To transform the industry and ourselves, we maintain perspective, learn from our setbacks, and strive for continuous improvement.

  • No mediocrity: We constantly raise the bar on our performance and hold ourselves to the high standards required to make a change in a complex industry.

  • Good judgment: Our daily decisions must be data-driven, based on our current and accumulating knowledge and the embodiment of our core values.

Cedar just raised a round of capital. What types of roles do think you’ll be looking to fill over the next 6-12 months as a result of that capital raise?

Cedar is fortunate to be in an industry that is growing even amidst the global pandemic. As we scale externally with clients, the Cedar team needs to scale internally across departments. We are hiring technical roles in Engineering, Product, Implementations, and Data Science. Our non-technical roles include positions in Product Design, Sales, Operations, and Accounting.

What do unsuccessful candidates didn’t make it past the initial resume screen have in common?

As Cedar focuses on inclusivity, we know that candidates will not all fit in a predetermined box of requirements. So we often will speak with candidates even if they don’t check off all the requirements on a job description. Candidates who speak with us in a preliminary call and do not pass the initial screen typically don’t ask questions about Cedar or our mission. If a candidate shows interest in Cedar, even if they’re not the right fit for the role, we’ll often suggest another path for them.

Same question but for the interview process. What do unsuccessful candidates that didn’t make it past the interview process have in common?

Candidates who don’t make it through the interview process typically haven’t taken some time to prepare. Whether it is presenting a case study or coding a technical challenge, a candidate should take time to prepare and ask questions prior to an interview. We’ll always give a candidate information about what to expect during an interview, and it’s helpful for a candidate to engage with us prior to their interview day!

Offering stock options cross border is often difficult because of local regulations. Does the company offer stock options to remote employees? And if not, is it that web of local regulations that’s holding the company back?

We offer stock options across geographies and are not limiting the opportunity to be granted Cedar stock options to those who are office-based.

What timezones/geographies do you hire in? 

We currently have team members in all US time zones.