The Nonlinear Project is a newsletter and community featuring remote roles at early-stage startups. The newsletter is free, but paying subscribers receive early access to new editions, company contact info, discounts from partners and more.

Why you should become a member

The future of work is changing but so too is the future of how we find work, how we build careers, and how we build our networks.

Recruitment platforms and job sites place an emphasis on the needs of the hiring company. The goal with The Memo is to build a career community specifically for the needs of remote workers.

Traditional recruitment firms charge companies a fee when a candidate is successfully matched. That fee can be significant. The goal with the career community that we’re building is to put that fee towards community-led side projects launched by our members.

Having a member-funded model allows us to align incentives with the community that we serve.

Paying members of The Memo get the following perks:

  • Founding member status

  • Access to member-only Slack group

  • CV + cover letter review whenever you need it

  • Minimalist CV templates

  • Community 1-on-1s

  • Early access to each newsletter 

  • No ads ever

Other things being worked on for paying members:

  • Partner discounts 

  • Connections to hiring startups 

  • A way to track career progress on a weekly basis

  • Digital events and networking opportunities with early-stage startups that recently raised capital

  • Tips to help maximize salary negotiations (3,200+ salary data points, thus far)

  • Lastly, we're working with a few early-stage start-ups to help source candidates. Our goal here is to take the referral fee and put that towards side projects launched by community members. Paying members will get a first opportunity to submit proposals and help others with their projects.

The Nonlinear Project is supported by members with experience at Amazon, Harvard, The United Nations, and Google, as well as startups like Turo and BetterUp.


Super excited to be apart of this. I am glad I found you and signed up when I did!

Kishya Greer, founding member

I will definitely refer your newsletter to a friend. I just signed up for the lifetime membership as well. Thank you for building this community.

Allie Dukuze, founding member

I've really appreciated reading your newsletter over the past months and am highly likely to recommend the newsletter. While I'm not currently ready for a remote job, reading about all the opportunities and the community that you're building is inspirational. Please keep going!

Uttam Kumaran, member

I am recommending The Memo to just about everyone I know. It's a great list and I love the community feel.

Jeffrey Bonhag, member

If someone would ask me where I find remote opportunities, I would definitely recommend.

Filipe Giusti, member

Love what you've set up here!

Rachel Segal, member

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