The Memo: #24 (104+ remote jobs)

Hey folks,

Just back from LA where I was celebrating my sister’s wedding. LA is a magical place. I tried Shake Shack for the first time and don’t understand why LA natives are convinced that In-N-Out Burger is better. I think it might have something to do with a lingering East Coast/West Coast rivalry. But I digress.

And we’re back at it with another edition of the newsletter. One note: I’m looking for a sponsor for the free edition of the newsletter. I’ll look to use all the funds from the sponsorship to support community-led side project(s). If you’ve got an idea for a side project or are working on something, email me, I’d love to hear about it. I’ll include a form in the next newsletter where you can submit your project for consideration. The only ask: the selected project(s) will be asked to write a short blog post about their experience. Working on having a sponsor lined-up for the next edition of the free newsletter (#25).

I’ve received feedback from the community that the annual and lifetime memberships are a barrier for some. With that in mind, I’ve opened up a monthly option to support the community. You can join the community as a founding member for $15/month.

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Want more info on the community that we’re building? Check our updated about page with testimonials. Here’s a few testimonials:

Super excited to be apart of this. I am glad I found you and signed up when I did!

  • Kishya Greer, founding member

I will definitely refer your newsletter to a friend. I just signed up for the lifetime membership as well. Thank you for building this community.

  • Allie Dukuze, founding member

I've really appreciated reading your newsletter over the past months and am highly likely to recommend the newsletter. While I'm not currently ready for a remote job, reading about all the opportunities and the community that you're building is inspirational. Please keep going!

  • Uttam Kumaran, member

I am recommending The Memo to just about everyone I know. It's a great list and I love the community feel.

  • Jeffrey Bonhag, member

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  • Salary info: in the last edition of the newsletter, I noted that we’d be making more of an effort to get at salary ranges for each position. While we’ve included some salary info below, it’ll require a bit more time to put processes in place to try to get at relevant salary info. Sup[porting the newsletter with a paid monthly, annual, or lifetime membership helps put more resources towards getting at salary info.

  • Friend of the newsletterShauna is the founder of Operate Remote, a coaching and consultancy practise specialised in remote working. She works with businesses that are beginning to work remotely or organisations that want to scale their distributed workforce effectively. Shauna helps companies around the mindset shift that needs to happen when they work remotely but also helps them to create strategies and processes that will serve their remote team as they continue to scale. From working with Shauna, companies see results such as increased productivity, profitability, and overall better team morale. Shauna’s has opened her calendar for members of the community, and you can book a free advisory call with her today. What are your burning questions around making your remote company more effective as you scale? Ask Shauna here.

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Embedded Software Field Application Engineer – Particle

Senior Security and Compliance Engineer

Software Engineer – Healthify (RoR and/or React.js) – (US) – AngelList verified: $80k – $130k • 0.01% – 0.01%

Senior Software Engineer, Backend – Life360 (2 of: Java, PHP, Python, Scala, Go)

Staff Software Engineer, Backend

Software Developer – Coveo (Canada)

Software Developer – Flight Vector (C++, JavaScript, Python; SQL Server, MFC, Django)

Rails DevOps Engineer – Chargify (US)

Senior Developer (RoR)

Android Developer – Komoot (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

ReactJS Developer (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

iOS Developer (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

Head of Infrastructure – Loom – AngelList estimate: $120k – $190k

Senior Application Security Engineer – AngelList estimate: $125k – $175k

Senior DevOps Engineer – AngelList estimate: $135k – $180k

Senior Full Stack Engineer (JS, React) – AngelList estimate: $125k – $165k

Senior Full Stack Engineer, Integrations – AngelList estimate: $125k – $165k

Senior Full Stack Engineer, WebRTC – AngelList estimate: $125k – $165k

Software Engineer, Growth (US) – AngelList estimate: $110k – $160k

Senior Backend Developer – Precision Nutrition

Site Reliability Engineer – SugarCRM (US)

Rails Developer – Agent Pronto

DevOps Engineer – Pagely (US)

Go (GoLang) Engineer (US)

Front End Software Engineer – Pond5

Full Stack Software Engineer (EST timezone)

Full Stack Engineer – Postlight – career page

Lead Frontend Engineer – Uploadcare

Senior React Frontend Engineer – Namaste Technologies (timezones between EDT (Toronto time) and GMT+3 (Moscow time))

Senior Frontend Engineer – UserPlay (HQ in Reading, UK; 3-4 weeks on-site initially + few days every month)


Product Manager Content – Komoot (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

Product Manager – Loom – AngelList estimate: $110k – $150k

User Research – Pitch

Head of Platform

Product Manager – Glofox (Remote/Dublin/Galway/Belfast)

Head of App Certification – HubSpot (US)

Learning Experience Designer (US)

Principal User Researcher – Paylocity (US)

Product Team Leader

Product Owner

Data Science 

Senior Data Analyst – Komoot (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

Senior Data Scientist/Backend Engineer (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

BI & Insights Researcher – Uploadcare (Russia/remote)

Database Administrator – Paylocity

Data Science Manager (US)

Data Engineer (US)

Data Scientist (US)

Custom Reports Programmer

Sr. Data Scientist – Tuft & Needle

Lead Data Scientist – Fanatics


Content Writer (Contract) – Homelight (US) – estimate based on similar role: $50k – $55k

Freelance Marketing Content Writer – VOIQ

Business Associate – (Bogota, Colombia)

Senior Brand Manager – Komoot (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

Freelance Outdoor Editor (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

Managing Editor (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

Performance Marketing Manager (any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

Software Technical Writer – SugarCRM (US)

Community Marketer & Outreach Coordinator – Uploadcare

Contributing Editor

Conversion Funnel Manager

Paid Ad & Mailing Campaign Manager

PPC Specialist – SevenAtoms – career page

Unbounce Landing Page Designer – career page

B2B Content Writer – career page

Communications and Public Relations Leader – Precision Nutrition

Social Media & Community Manager – Pitch

Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager – HubSpot (US)


Web Designer – Komoot (any time zone situated between UTC-1 and UTC+3)

Senior Communication Designer – Loom (anywhere) – AngelList estimate: $115k – $155k

Senior Product Designer (anywhere) – AngelList estimate: $120k – $160k

Staff Product Designer, Mobile(anywhere) – AngelList estimate: $95k – $135k 

Lead Product Designer – Postlight – career page

Senior Product Designer, UI/UX – Namaste Technologies

Senior UI/UX Designer – Twenty Over Ten – (careers page)

Senior Product Designer – Pitch

Mobile & Web Designer – Mobile Jazz

UX Designer – IDERA (careers page)

UX Product Designer – Glofox (Dublin or remote)

Mobile UI Designer (Dublin or remote)

Experienced Visual Designer – Fairhead Creative – (careers page)


Sales Development Representative – VOIQ (US)

Managing Director, Capital Markets – CrowdStreet (US)

Senior Account Executive – Coveo (US)

Account Executive – Uploadcare

Full-Cycle Sales Representative – Twenty Over Ten (careers page) – 24,000 – $40,000 Base salary + Commission with On target earnings between $100K to $180K

Senior Account Executive – OpenText (US)

Account Executive, Mid-Market – HubSpot (US)

Account Executive, Mid-Market (Ireland)

Ops, Support & Other

Partnership Development Manager – Healthify – AngelList verified: $114k – $130k 

Customer Success Manager – Alice (North America or Czech Republic)

Solutions Architects, Strategic Accounts – Coveo (US)

Sales Engineer (Python, JavaScript, HTML)

Customer Service Representative – Estately (part-time)

Customer Support Engineer – Uploadcare (overlapping working hours in Asia/Australia and North America.)

Customer Support Platform Engineer – Pagely (anywhere)

Member Service Representative – WHOOP (Wed-Sun, 11pm-7 am EST)

Member Service Representative (Sat-Wed, 7AM-3PM EST)

Member Service Representative (Wed-Sun, 3pm-11pm EST)

Member Service Representative (Sat-Wed, 3PM-11PM EST)

Talent Acquisition Manager – Pitch

Director of Corporate Development – HubSpot (Boston or Bay area)