The Memo: #13 (88+ remote jobs)

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I wanted to just take a minute to layout what we’re building, why you should trust us, and how you can support this forward-thinking community, before jumping into the remote roles section.

For early-stage startups: One of the things we're trying to do is make it extremely easy for early-stage startups to hire remotely. One simple fee and unlimited connection to first-rate remote talent in our community until they've found product-market fit. In turn, we’re seeking early-stage startups that will offer remote staff stock options/equity (in addition to salary).

For remote staff: This newsletter is a handpicked collection of remote jobs that we unearth from Slack channels, community forums, and company websites. We save you time; we spend hours and hours building and curating this list. Moving forward, we’re going to personalize the list so that you only see things that are relevant to you. We’re like a well-connected helpful friend that says “hey, did you hear about this role?”

Why you should trust The Memo: prior to launching this newsletter, I worked remotely for the past seven years, and secured my last role as the Head of Marketing for a venture-backed startup after chatting up the CEO and founder online. I firmly believe in forming relationships with people and have encouraged many in the community that I’ve spoken with to reach out to companies directly before applying. (Note: in some of the first few editions of the newsletter, I featured roles that startups intended to hire for in 6+ months and encouraged people to reach out directly to build that relationship. There will be more of those in the future). No one is going to work harder to unearth interesting remote opportunities and be an advocate for things that benefit remote workers, like stock options, than me. Trust is built over time; early subscribers/adaptors get the benefit of a discounted price.

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Fullstack Software Engineer

Hey everyone, we here at Fishtown Analytics are looking for a (remote OK) full-stack software developer to work on dbt and dbt Cloud. If you like dbt, you should introduce us to your software developer friends, so we can pay them to make dbt better, so you get a better dbt. It's a win-win-win


Golang Developer

I’m hiring a Golang developer for my team at ActiveState. We’re working on a cross-platform command line application called the “State tool” that facilitates virtual environments, package management, and makefile-like functionality for open-source languages. Our head office is in Vancouver, BC, but remotes are also welcome.


Consulting Systems Engineer – Cloud & DevOps

We are looking for a Cloud & DevOps presales engineer (technical, non-hands on position) in the north east area. Work remotely unless onsite with a customer. Travel is limited to the central/eastern timezones of the US, and mostly the NE area (Ohio, NY, MA, Phil).


Platform UI Engineer


Data Engineer

Data Warehouse Engineer

Engineering Manager

Head of Security

Senior Backend Engineer

Senior Frontend Engineer


Director, Threat Detection & Response (Remote US/Canada)

Engineering Manager, Site Reliability, Cloud Services (Remote US/UK/Canada/Netherlands/Germany)

Engineering Manager, Systems (Remote US/UK/Canada/Netherlands/Germany)

Engineering Manager, Terraform (Remote US/UK/Canada/Netherlands/Germany)

Entreprise Architect (Remote US)

Entreprise Architect (Remote US – NY Metro)

Lead Support Engineer (Remote – Portland, OR / Seattle, WA / SF Bay Area)

Manager, IT Systems and Compliance (Remote Pacific Time Zone)

Manager, Support Engineering - Terraform (US Remote)

Product Security Engineer (Remote US/UK/Canada/Netherlands/Germany)

Release Engineer (Remote US/UK/Canada/Netherlands/Germany)

Senior Implementation Services Engineer (UK/Remote)

Site Reliability Engineer, Cloud Services (Remote US/UK/Canada/Netherlands/Germany)

Software Engineer, Cloud Services Backend (Remote US/UK/Canada/Netherlands/Germany)


Solution Architect - Northeast (Remote – Maryland)

Apache Cassandra Engineer (Anywhere - World)

Sr. Software Engineer - Datastax Managed Cloud (Anywhere - United States)

Solutions Architect (Remote – California (Bay Area))

Senior Software Engineer – Python (Anywhere - World)

Sr. Software Engineer - DataStax Managed Cloud (Anywhere - World)

Solutions Architect (Remote – Texas)


Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

Front-end Engineer (JavaScript)

DevOps Engineer (Remote)

Software Engineer (Netsuite)



Director of Product, Growth

Technical Product Manager


Director Product Management, Nomad (SF or Remote US)

Product Manager - Cloud Services (Remote US)

Product Manager, Consul (Remote US)

Product Manager - Nomad (Remote US)

Product Manager, Terraform Open Source (Remote USA/Canada)

Product Manager - Vault (Remote USA/Canada)


VP of Product

Felicis Ventures

Felicis Ventures is hiring folks for platform operations! Shoot me an email with your resume and I can connect you to one of the partners if it’s a fit.



Digital Marketing Associate

Wickfire is hiring a Digital Marketing Associate to join my team (yay!). The position is remote, though we have a very active presence in Austin and Southern California. Please share with anyone that you think would be a good fit, or apply: 


Managing Editor, Zapier Blog & App Directory

Senior Product Marketing Manager


Channel Field Marketing Manager (Remote USA)

Product Education Engineer, Nomad (Remote USA)

Senior Field Marketing Manager, North America East (Remote North America East)

Senior Field Marketing Manager, North America West (Remote North America West)


Marketing Operations Lead



Visual UX Designer

We’re based in Copenhagen, but are open for remotes! We’re putting together a new product design team. The task at hand is creating a brand new Conferize.

Visual Designer

We are gonna be having a visual designer role coming up at in the next week or so. (New York HQ or remote)


Senior Product Designers

We’re hiring a couple Senior Product Designers (USA - Remote) to join our team and help us make successful software for our clients. Would love to talk more if anyone is interested!


Senior Director of Design


Product Designer (Remote US/UK/Canada/Netherlands/France/Germany)

Product Design Manager (Remote US/Canada)


UI/UX Designer

Data Science & Analytics


Data Analyst, Revenue and Finance

Data Analyst, Subscriptions


Senior Technical Account Manager (Remote NY Metro)

Customer Service & Other

SAM Labs 

Finance Director

For those interested in EdTech, SAM Labs is hiring a Finance Director to join the Senior Leadership Team - their products are in 4,000 schools globally and creating generations of problem solvers by equipping educators with the tools, know-how, and mindset to teach Computational Thinking. More info on the role here:

Or you can directly contact the CEO Joachim Horn at

Balderton Capital

Research Associate

Balderton Capital is hiring in case you know of anyone who might be looking to get into VC:


Senior Analyst

We’re looking for a Senior Analyst to join the Fishtown team! You’ll need to be based in the US (remote OK! Philly applicants welcome too!).

Stick Shift Driving Academy

Instructor Recruiting Manager (40 hrs)

Revenue and Pricing Performance Maximizer (10 hrs)

Bookkeeping and Accounts Payable Administrator (10 hrs).

Our company, Stick Shift Driving Academy, is hiring for 3 new remote contract roles to our growing team.

Check out the job descriptions in the app link below. Interested in joining us? Apply via the link!


Customer Champion (Australia / New Zealand)

Customer Champion - (Asia / Pacific Time Zones)

Customer Champion - (India)

Customer Champion - (Philippines)

Support Trainer (APAC)

Head of Strategic Alliances

Partnership Specialist

Strategic Alliances Manager

Cro Metrics

Quality Assurance Analyst


Sr. Technical Trainer (Anywhere - United States)

Senior Engagement Manager (Remote – Illinois)

Privacy Fellow (Remote – UK)


Support Analyst - TaxJar Pro

Support Analyst

Plus Support Analyst


Integration Partner Manager

Sales Tax Research Manager

Sales Development Rep

You know that disclaimer at the bottom of a job posting where the company says “we don’t discriminate against race, religion or gender in our hiring practices”?

My goal is for every startup to include *location* on that list.

If that resonates with you and you’re enjoying receiving this newsletter on a free trial, please join the community.