Introducing: Slack Group (+141 remote roles)

Hey folks,

Bit of a shorter edition this week as I’m working on an interview and a couple other things for the community.

Two things to start:

  1. There’s a number of companies in this round up of jobs (link below) where the roles aren’t listed on WeWorkRemotely and AngelList, or, in the case of the latter, aren’t tagged as remote. Here’s a few examples: Eddy Travels, Lingo Live, Krit,,, and Triplebyte.

  2. Every month, I’m trying to lock down a sponsor. All funds go to someone in the community building a side project. Just by being in this community, you’re making it possible for me to charge more to sponsors and provide more support to people in the community building their own projects. (Interested in submitting your project? Here’s a short form here.)

❶ Slack Group

I’m rolling out the Slack group.

I’ve held back for a while, as I didn’t want to take on too much in the initial stages of building this community.

I’ll begin on-boarding groups of members over the next week or two.

Not a member yet?

❷ Interesting things

The Memo isn’t just a job board.

It’s about using remote work as tool to live better. We’re all interested in growing our networks, building projects, acquiring new skills, all with the end goal of living better. Part of living better means living mindfully.

Here’s two interesting posts to consider on that theme of mindfulness:

  • This blog post by Paul Jarvis does a good job of touching on that point of mindfulness, by considering what “enough” is.

  • Simon Weckert is a Berlin-based artist who put a bunch of phones in a wheelbarrow, pulled them down the street to an intersection and Google Maps thought we was a traffic jam and began directing people to take a different route. I find this project incredibly interesting and it’s really prompted me to take a harder look at becoming more privacy-minded and using alternatives to Google whenever possible.


  • Notion board: job postings are now available via the Notion board (see link below).

  • Delete this Email: if you signed up for Delete this Email, have a look to make sure that it didn’t end up in your spam folder. You can read about the idea in the last edition of the newsletter or sign up to here.

  • Lots of you have been clicking on my Substack profile page. Until recently, there was anything there. You can check out writings and other things that I’m working on at

  • Influencer newsletter: looking to keep up on the current state of influencer marketing? I’ve found Influence Weekly to be a pretty good source of info and generally packed with interesting data points.

Chris ✌️

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