'Delete This Email' (+111 remote roles)

Hey folks,

I’ve noticed that a fair number of you clicked my Substack profile link recently. There was nothing there until recently, because, well, I didn’t know it existed.

Anyways, with the help of Tymen Wander, I’ve put together a site where I’ll include my projects and writings; I’ll be doing more post over the next year. Here’s the link: http://chrsdl.com/

❶ Notion Board

New format.

All jobs are available on the Notion board (link below).

This new format is going to allow me to collect and sort jobs much quicker. It’s also going to allow me to streamline finding ways to bring in additional info, like relevant email addresses for the hiring manager at the company and salary info.


I want to know what you want: do you want jobs in the email, some jobs in the email, jobs on a board.

The newsletter is getting to a point where I can begin to think about customizing the layout for everyone. So if you only want front-end jobs and you like them in the newsletter, rather than on the Notion board, let me know.

One note: when I started this newsletter, the thought was that because many of the companies had just raised capital and would likely be doing more hiring, that it would be good to see a full list of companies rather than just the ones that had currently open roles that matched your skill-set.

❷ Places to Find a Role

Put together a quick list of places to look for open roles.

  • Twitter. Search the title + remote. Also try adding + hiring.

  • Slack groups. There’s so many. Hiring managers sometimes post roles that are not posted online or which aren’t labelled as remote. Don't know which Slack groups to start in? Email me and I’ll help you find ones that are best suited to the role you’re looking for.

  • Find a company you like & reach out. There’s a long list of companies that hiring remote but they may not be hiring for your role. Reach out to them directly if you’re really into what they’re building. Notes: 1) The smaller the company, the more likely your passionate cover letter/intro email will pierce through and get a response. 2) Be specific. Show them something that you’ve worked on or how you’ve had a deep interest in their product/space for a while.

  • AngelList. Avoid applying to companies that have lots of applicants (AL lets you see how may people applied to a role). Preferably, search “Open to remote” rather than “Remote only,” as those roles aren’t likely as widely published. Next, set the salary to 20% lower than you would otherwise have it (salary is always negotiable). Eliminate companies with too many candidates applying. Eliminate companies that seem to post remote jobs all the time. Pick 2-3 of the remaining. Find the CEO/CTO/founder’s email. Email them directly. Make sure you have a strong pitch. You only get one chance to pitch a company. (Looking for a template? Email me).

  • Discord & Telegram. Especially for crypto/blockchain. Many early-stage founders/CEOs are there. Strike up a conversation.

❸ Delete This Email

We all get so much email.

All the email we get is trying to get us to do something. To take action and then measure the success of that intended goal.

I put together a quick newsletter project with a different goal.

‘Delete This Email’ is a newsletter that you’re not meant to open. Just delete it.

Why sign up?

One: rethink your relationship with all the other email that you receive. (I’ve recently been adding all email newsletters that I receive to a folder and waiting until the end of the day to decide whether or not to open it or take action).

Two: bring a little frivolous play to your inbox.

Think of it more as a small art project than anything else.

I expect no one to sign up, but if you’re curious by nature, you can check the landing page and sign up here.

I’ll likely send an email out every 1-2 weeks. No need to open. Just delete. But if you do open, there’ll only be a reminder of why you should delete the email.

Like this idea? Want to find a way to incorporate it into your own side project? Go for it! Copy, modify, and use as much or as little of this idea as you need (take all the copy from the landing page if you need somewhere to start). Happy to talk about some possible ways that you can build on this.


  • Weekly career questions: Every Friday I send out three questions to help you think about what you achieved that week and how you can move things forward. Sign up to receive the questions and it’ll make it easier for me to help you craft the bullet points for your CV when the time comes. Also: trying a bespoke version. Fill out the form for a few weeks and I’ll send you personalized questions based on your previous responses. Sign up here.

  • Locking down sponsor: I’m on the lookout for the next sponsor. All funds from sponsorships go to someone in the community building a project/side project. Last month, I selected Sara Kimmich’s Clojure/ClojureScript community. Open to people on the subscribers (free version of the newsletter) and members. Submit your project here.

Become a member and get access to the CV templates, CV/cover letter review, community 1-on-1s, and full-access to new tools (e.g. personal CRM template) and interviews as they roll out. Other communities charge $299/year. Sign up for $179/lifetime and get full access.

Lifetime Membership Time!

Alternatively, you can sign up for a monthly or annual membership here.

Chris ✌️

Sharing this newsletter with your friends, family, co-workers, future co-workers, lovers and forgotten pen pals is always greatly appreciated.

Slightly different format; you can view all jobs on this Notion board.

Problems viewing? Email me.